Lara is a travelling yoga teacher and artist based out of Byron Bay, Australia. Navigating her own winding journey towards health, she has found creative expression and movement to be the most potent medicine of all. 


“I believe the biggest gift we can give to ourselves is to pay attention. To revel in the experience of being alive in both the light and the shadowlands. To cultivate joy by searching for the preciousness of small things - such as the flavour of the breath or the beauty of nature shimmering all around us - that transforms everyday experiences into the sublime.”


About Lara

Yoga teacher, art maker, nature lover, experience seeker and physical healer with an unquenchable thirst for life.

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Lara's has become known for her mandala-inspired art ~ from handmade pottery to large-scale murals, body art and tattoos.

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The practice of mindful meditation through movement, using breath and sensation as anchors into the present moment.

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From the tropics of Hawaii to the mountains of France, Lara hosts transformative retreats in spectacular locations around the world.

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upcoming events

Lara will be touring and travelling across Australia, Asia, Europe and America. See below for the what and the when.

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From her melodic speech to her languid movements, Lara embodies light at play. She has an effortless grace about her, and is a radiant gift to all who cross her path.
— Claudine Lafond, YogaBeyond

Walk in beauty.
Beauty is before you.
Beauty is behind you.
Beauty is above you.
Beauty is below you.
Beauty is all around you.
Most of all, beauty is inside you.

~ Navajo blessing