Upcoming Events

Movement, Breath & Melody

5th & 6th May - Flow Athletic, Sydney

Join Lara and Benny for two workshops journeying through the senses. Yoga accompanied by the soaring live soundscape of voice and guitar. 

One class will be all slow-motion simmering and yin-full surrender, whilst the second class will be a high-vibe wake up call to the symphony alive inside of us.


Classic Flow LIVE: Yoga by the lake

12th & 13th May, Gold Coast

Home of The Arts and ABC present Classic Flow LIVE: Yoga by the Lake

A blissed-out combination of vinyasa and live music, amidst the tropical parklands at HOTA’s riverside. Join us at either sunset or sunrise.

Lara will lead you through the sequences with classical musical concert performed live around you. This is a unique performance of ABC’s podcast Classic Flow designed to enhance the yoga experience.

Event is complimentary!


back2Roots Retreat, Turkey

24-27th May, Kabak Valley

Join Lara and Brooke for a three-night immersion at the beginning of European Summer in the fairytale setting of Kabak Valley, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

The unique retreat space is a private valley, hugged by rugged mountains and spilling out onto the exquisite turquoise coastline. Your treetop accomodation is simply what dreams are made of - rustic cabins smattered throughout the valley with some treehouses floating on the cliff wall.

In true Back2Roots style, you can expect four days of adventuring from the outside-in, surrounded by the most breathtaking natural beauty.


+ 2018 european tour +

28th May - 1st June, Utrecht, Netherlands

Assisting Shiva Rea on Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training

1-3rd June, Paris, France

Weekend of workshops at Caelo studio 

6-9th June, Sixt Fer a Cheval, French Alps

Assisting Simon Park on Liquid Flow 300-hour teacher training

16-17th June, Barcelona, Spain

Weekend of Yoga, Art & Music workshops at Shanti Vida

21st June - 1st July, Santorini, Greece

Assisting Shiva Rea on Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training


Back2Roots retreat, French Alps

8th-14th July, Samoens & Chamonix

Join facilitators Lara & Brooke for a French love affair.

Six nights and 7 days of juicy yoga, meditation, ritual and ceremony and adventure activities including a trip to Chamonix and ascent up Mont Blanc, the 'Monarch of Mountains' in the Alps ~ with a picnic and pilgrimage along the Tour du Mont Blanc, immersed in waterfalls and overlooking parts of Italy, Switzerland and the French valleys below. 

17th-21st July, Geneva, Switzerland

Week of workshops at Soluna Studio

22nd July, Annecy, France

Movement, Breath & Melody workshops with Benny Holloway at Prana Yoga Annecy



back2roots retreat: Connecting with your essence

25th & 26th July - A 2-day retreat at Avalon Wellbeing, Broughton Estate Hall, UK

Both days will focus on accessing meditative states and healing through movement and music. Favouring long, slow and juicy to honour the need for time, space and deep listening, to cultivate the most intimate communications with self and life.

Lara and Brooke’s poetic workshops are sure to take you on a deep journey, diving into parts of your being yearning to be reached and reflected on. The pair believe the more you feel a sense of ease on the inside, the more reality shifts around you to reflect the miraculous gift of living, breathing, and being until even the most ordinary moments become extraordinary. Accompanied by live music by Benny Holloway.

28th & 29th July, London, UK

Movement, Breath & Melody workshops with Benny Holloway at Stretch 

Cellular Slow Dancing Workshops with Benny Holloway In australia

Our body is our home, our vehicle of experience, the medium through which we know this world. To inhabit places with integrity, we first need to learn to inhabit our body - to tune it, to play it as if it were a finely treasured instrument.

One workshop is Solar breath-per-movement-per-melody vinyasa and the second is Lunar yin, yoga nidra and sonic acupuncture

24th & 25th August, Zenko Yoga Noosa, QLD

8th September, Shri Yoga, Brisbane

26th & 27th October, BodyMindLife, Sydney

Guest Yoga Teacher at Four Seasons Sayan

15-30th September, Ubud, Bali